Snowplate 2016 – Forest Whales

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Returning from our annual tradition of Snowplate, a 2-day outdoor Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Sudbury, ON. Our team consisted of 8 guys and 7 girls, playing a total of 6 games over the 2 days. Quick recap of our past years: In 2011, the Swashbuckling Golasz Chefs. In 2012, the Flick of Seagulls. In 2013, Carmen & I were snowshoeing …

SamSnowplate 2016 – Forest Whales

Amber is ONE Year Old!

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Amber just celebrated her 1st birthday this past weekend. Can’t believe it has already been 1-year since her birth. Trouble….she knows where the snacks cabinet is… She loves to crawl all over the place and explore. Bath time is with daddy. Newest discovery is anti-gravity duck that is suctioned to her back..haha! Finally she can sit comfortably in the high …

SamAmber is ONE Year Old!

Wacky Camera – Fuji Instax 500AF

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One of my favorite (functional) cameras is the Fuji Instax 500AF. After all the Polaroid film for the SX-70 expired. I stumbled upon a bunch of old Instax 200 and film at a camera show and started using them. It was fun but I wanted more control over the exposure. Below is a comparison against the more common Instax 200/300. …

SamWacky Camera – Fuji Instax 500AF

Quick Review of 2015.

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Wow 2015 went by so fast! But also a very exciting year. A quick look back at the first post of 2015 and see how things have changed. Won’t bore you with a recap of Amber’s development. You can about the monthly updates HERE. Feeling adventurous, we embarked on a road trip to Montreal for a good friend’s wedding at …

SamQuick Review of 2015.

Lan & Jerry’s Wedding

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Just finished Lan & Jerry’s wedding photo from mid-September! Getting ready at Jerry’s place early in the morning. Driving over to Prince Hotel to greet the bride (and door games). Stopping off at McDonald’s for breakfast. … and finishing his speech :) While waiting for the ladies to be ready…all the guys take a nap. Door games to please the …

SamLan & Jerry’s Wedding

The Inauqural Family Biking Day!

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The inaugural bike ride with Amber along the Toronto harborfront. I have been so excited to try out the kid bike trailer but every time was told Amber is still too young to sit inside. A couple weeks ago, weather was sunny and a brisk 2 DegC. I couldn’t wait any longer or Winter would be here. It took a …

SamThe Inauqural Family Biking Day!