A Little Time-lapse Video…

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Carmen & I recently started on a new project, here is a sneak peek. The video is only about 1 min long, be sure to watch in full screen! We had a lot of fun making the video and learned a lot from it. It is an exciting beginning for sure!

SamA Little Time-lapse Video…

Canadian Ultimate Championship – Too Bad

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This past Saturday I went to support a few friends playing for Too Bad in the Canadian Ultimate Championship in Waterloo. Weather was quite bad – it was cold, windy, and rainy. But it was great watching the game and cheering the team on! Their second game of the day was against Magma I from Montreal. Here are some action …

SamCanadian Ultimate Championship – Too Bad

Tracy & Dustin’s Backyard Wedding

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Carmen & I had the opportunity to capture Tracy & Dustin’s beautiful backyard wedding earlier this summer! Arriving in the morning, Tracy is getting ready. Dress, shoes, and rings. Friends also started arriving to help with the setup in the backyard. Tracy’s mom help put on jewelry, a quiet moment in all the busy schedule. Follow the sign to the …

SamTracy & Dustin’s Backyard Wedding

Urban Exploration – Abandoned Hospital

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Last week, while Horace & I were driving around we stumbled across a hospital in the midst of being demolished. It could be the wind or storm, but one of the fences was wide open so we couldn’t pass up the chance to go in and take a look. One wing of the building is already getting torn up, while …

SamUrban Exploration – Abandoned Hospital

Annick & Utsav’s Engagement Shoot

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It was a nice summer evening to go for the engagement shoot session with Annick & Utsav. They picked the starting location at the Music Garden, where they had their first date! It was fun just hanging out at the lawn up the blanket and they brought along their favorite (geeky) book to read. They share their interest in reading …

SamAnnick & Utsav’s Engagement Shoot