Photoshoot with Nicole, Victor, & Baby Madison

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Couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to hang out at Victor & Nicole’s new place, BBQ, and do a quick photoshoot. Walk to the nearby park, we happened to pick the hottest day of the summer with no cloud in sight. Everyone was in high spirit and we just took short breaks in the shade in between shots. Cheerful …

SamPhotoshoot with Nicole, Victor, & Baby Madison

Phun & Elvin’s Wedding & Firework Display

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Phun & Elvin held their wedding ceremony and reception at the Canoe Restaurant. View from the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower. Sunset view of the downtown area. Justin doing his thing… awesome! :D It also coincided with the closing ceremony of the Pan Am Games. We had an unobstructed view of the CN Tower firework display! A nice …

SamPhun & Elvin’s Wedding & Firework Display

Amber at Five Months!

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Time Flies. Amber is 23 weeks old already. She has started on solid food. She loves eating (no surprise here…) and normally eat about 2 small bowls twice a day. Mommy makes her rice cereal, avocado, banana, squash, carrot. She definitely has a sweet tooth. If you run out of food she will make a big fuss, mommy will have …

SamAmber at Five Months!

Window. Last Row. Pillow.

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Colleague: “What seat are you at? I am at 15C.” Me: “48F – last row. Window.” Colleague: “You are nuts, you will never get off that plane!” Indeed a little crazy, but I am continually fascinated by the view from the air. This is a continuation of a previous series captured from 30,000ft in the air: Window. Music. No food …

SamWindow. Last Row. Pillow.

DIY Turf Burn Remedy

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** Disclaimer: Graphic images for some audiences ** When we play ultimate frisbee, it is a mixed feeling to play on turf (artificial grass) fields. On the one hand it is clean, drains well after rain, and no holes or ruts to fall into. On the other hand when you dive, slide, or fall it leaves a pretty nasty mark. …

SamDIY Turf Burn Remedy

Amber at Four Months!

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Amber is 4 month old already! Super mommy, always so patient with the two of us. New skills acquired: – learned to roll from her back to her tummy (can’t roll back…cries…) – manage to stuff all 10 fingers into her mouth at once – get very excited and scream into daddy’s ear Need to improve: – learn to nap …

SamAmber at Four Months!