Amber is TWO Year Old!

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It is so much fun to see post from 1 year old and how much has changed. We were living with my parents for 6 months and it was a great time of bonding and exploring for Amber. Going on play dates and making friends. Now learning how to share (working on it…) Showers are fine, but brushing teeth is …

SamAmber is TWO Year Old!

Taiwan – Yilan County [宜蘭縣]

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After 3 days in the Taichung Area [臺中市], we drove across to the Eastern coast area of the island – Yilan County [宜蘭縣]. Yilan [宜蘭] is famous for its natural hot springs and scenic coastal drive. We headed south from the city and drove along the fishing towns. View from above, such cool overlay of details! Awesome expanding coffee truck. …

SamTaiwan – Yilan County [宜蘭縣]

Taiwan – Taichung Area [臺中市]

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Continuing from Cing Jing [清境] up in the mountains. We spent the next few days exploring the area around Taichung City [臺中市]. Driving south on our day trip, we drove along dense bamboo forests. Here they are selling freshly dug-up bamboo shoots. Local train station, so cool! Kiddies hanging out, we were getting a lot of stares from the Uppababy …

SamTaiwan – Taichung Area [臺中市]

Taiwan – Cing Jing [清境]

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This is going back to January of 2016. A short snapshot of the 10 day journey in Taiwan with Carmen’s sister, Kiki, and her family! We arrived at Taipei around 4pm, got our luggage…only to find that I had booked the rental car pickup at Kaohsiung, the other side of the island about 400km apart. Luckily the rental company was …

SamTaiwan – Cing Jing [清境]

Angela & Ludwik’s Wedding

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After the back-country bachelor party in July, Ludwik is finally married! Ludwik, Paul, and I started the day by playing soccer/frisbee, then getting some brunch before getting ready. We have known each other since 1st year University….12 years ago. The wedding took place at the Argonaut Rowing Club right by the lake. The rainy weather broke just as the ceremony …

SamAngela & Ludwik’s Wedding

Veronica & Stephen Foxton’s Wedding

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Had the opportunity to shoot the wedding of Veronica & Stephen in August! The bridesmaids getting ready at the Prince Hotel. It was during one of the heat waves in the summer so we did some quick shots outdoors before everyone melted. The reception took place in the afternoon at the York Mills Gallery. Nice venue with a lot of …

SamVeronica & Stephen Foxton’s Wedding