Little Amber 3 Months Old

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Bedtime 9pm to 7am. Rish & Shine. It is already spring and little Amber is 3 months old and at 12lbs now. She is eating/sleeping well. Poops a lot. Quick look at: 2 Months, 1 Month, 1 Week, and Newborn we can see her gaining new skills and becoming more aware. It has also great to bring family together, we …

SamLittle Amber 3 Months Old

How to Backup ALL Your Digital Memories for $11.99USD/Year

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In this digital age, the abundance of data is certainly a blessing and curse, how do we go about protecting our data? It is often something we regret not doing after a catastropic data loss. For me a big fear is harddrive failure, partially because I don’t have a RAID setup for my computer. I have duplicate harddrives and off-site …

SamHow to Backup ALL Your Digital Memories for $11.99USD/Year

Amber at 2 Months.

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Reporting in what has happened in the past month with baby Amber. A quick comparison with some photo from when she was 1 month old, you can see she had definitely gotten chubbier! Amber has been sleeping well at nights, bed time from 9pm to 7:30am, waking up for feeding at 2 and 6am. She has the biggest smile when …

SamAmber at 2 Months.

Hong Kong Street-scape – B&W

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Catching up some photo backlog from my January trip to Hong Kong. Stripping away the colours for B&W photos, I am forcing myself to focus on composition and lighting. Hong Kong is a treasure trove for photography, there is always so many things going on and juxtapose against each other. The MTR, connecting all corners of this metropolitan city. Spent …

SamHong Kong Street-scape – B&W

1 Month with Amber

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Wow, one month already with this little Amber. It has been such a joy to watch this little one grow and learn new things everyday! Carmen is such a trooper with so much care and patience. We would like to say we getting into a routine, but every time we feel we got it figured out she pulls a quick …

Sam1 Month with Amber

Photos with my Samsung Galaxy S2

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This past week, while holding Amber in one hand and working on the computer, I decided to go through my photos on my cellphone. Here are 10 images from around Toronto over the years. To those that know me, I don’t use my cellphone much and am really bad at picking up the phone….so most people resort to calling Carmen …

SamPhotos with my Samsung Galaxy S2