Wedding in Toronto

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Congradulation to the newly wed, Justin and Onika! I am very happy for you guys.

Mr & Mrs Medina

So Friday night I ran out of work and caught the last bus that takes me straight to Boston Downtown, took the subway to the

I hate the US customs. They had to X-ray my bag like 4 times cause of all the metal items in there (keychains, keys..). Stupid me for not remembering that I have a multi-purpose tool and my butane lighter in the bag from camping and they ended up taking it.
The had like 2 people peeling off every padding off my camera case to make sure there is no bomb in it, made a big mess and gave everything back to me in a plastic bin…

The wedding day (Today is a long blog cause I want to post more pictures from the wedding):

SamWedding in Toronto

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