Airport Close Call

Sam Night, Toronto 3 Comments

So I have began work and I must say that this term is much much better than my previous workterm. The people are really easy-going and very helpful. I am doing some CAD work right now and eventually I will be helping out more on the workfloor and maybe even work on the military hummers (maybe test drive?!?!).

Boston Sunset at the airport

Boston VS Toronto road structures (sorry for the bad quality).

So on the way back to Boston when I am going through customs the lady told me I can cross the border cause I forgot my VISA. I didn’t know I need my VISA to get across the border cause they have already stapled a little paper to my passport so I thought that was all I need. The lady told me I will need my ORIGINAL copy in order to board my flight and I was absolutely panicking and after five minutes of arguing she gave in and said I can get it faxed to the airport instead. So I got a yellow folder and was sent to a separate room. In the room a fat guy is typing with two fingers on the computer and I asked if I could call my landlord so he can fax me the form, he told me to take a seat and he will be with me shortly. Half an hour pasted and still no response and by this time I am pretty sure I am going to miss my flight and since I am not going anywhere might as well knock that guy out for working so slow.

Another US custom officer saw I have been waiting for a long time so he opened another counter and called me over. After another 45minutes he was able to set me up with a temporary VISA for 30 days so I can get across the border. Once I got my VISA I ran like I pick up my bag and ran to the security check. I can hear my flight making last calls but the fact that I am rushing them to hurry up when they are looking at my black camera box and a laptop with a radioactive sticker on it doesn’t really help….

I ran down the terminal and wondered why Air Canada have to take the furthest gates… I was a reckless runner zig-zagging in the crowd and got there 3 minutes before they closed the gate. I tried to sort through the pictures from the weekend but I ended up falling asleep face first into my keyboard and the not-so-skinny lady beside me thought it was more amusing than the movie she is watching…

Goodbye Canada for a few months!

After going to Boston I am starting to appreciate the TTC a little bit more. Well at home whenever I am taking the TTC I am either 1) going downtown to take pictures 2) buying camera stuff or 3) both, so taking the TTC is a novelty for me. Boston transit is cheaper in comparison 90cents for bus and $1.25 for subway. But the problem is that many of their bus lines don’t run on weekends and most of them are done by 8pm. Their buses also try to avoid traffic so the routes can go into mall parking lots and backstreets which makes it incredibly hard to know when to get off. The subways are really old (picture worthy material) and they come once every 10-15min.

I wish Islington is far, far away so I can keep driving.

If you want to read about a guy who is getting spoiled by his company click [here] (Ian’s Blog).

Due to multiple request for more pictures here is a ZIP file (17mb) of more pictures from the wedding. Cheers.

SamAirport Close Call

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  1. Girl from the Moon

    You are hilarious mister! Can’t believe you didn’t have passport with you!
    See? wasn’t it a good thing that I didn’t stay in Toronto for Sunday night?? Otherwise you would’ve never left the country! LOL

  2. jsunkistc

    Hey Sam…

    I had a very similar experience…i was going to volunteer in a school in the US and they held me back because they thought I was a terrorist. They didn’t like the idea that I’d be “working without pay”. They kept me for 45 minutes…saying that I had to fill in forms I didn’t even know existed. In the end, they let me go saying that I should have known better and that ignorance wasn’t an excuse. I had to actually run out to the plane on the runway where they lowered the steps for me. That was 10 minutes before takeoff…crazy…

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