Fisheye Lens!

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The newest addition to my equipment: 8mm Fisheye lensIt is very different from all the other lens I have used before and depending on where you place the object in the shot it can be distorted in different ways. Things can appear as a dot on the picture.

So this weekend I primarily focused on using this lens to learn about its erratic behaviours. Hong and I going to hardware store to buy a piece of 4’x8′ foam as a barrier for Suri. We had to put the foam on the roof of his camry and tied it down. The wind from the windshield forced the foam to rise and after a few minutes of driving I put my hand up and thought it was gone! We had to pull over, tie another string to the front of the car to keep the foam from rising up. For the rest of the trip we also had to stay below 30mph and each have a hand on the roof to keep the foam from flying away. Haha
Subway Station
US payphones charge 50cents/call…Suri is begging me to let her out of her cage after being caught from breaching the barrier.

So yesterday I walked along the Charles river which runs through Boston and it has a very nice trail made for biking/blading/walking/jogging. There are some floating docks along the trail and somehow they people lying there suntanning makes me think they look like sea lions… View of downtown Boston from the Charles River.

SamFisheye Lens!

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  1. Girl from the Moon

    Wow. Love the lens! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!
    Especially like the last picture… it makes you look like Suri. LOL >.

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