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It is raining again in Boston. This weekend I took up my fisheye lens and head down to try some interior shots. The green line is the oldest subway system in the United States and its paths are very convoluted and hence it screeches a lot and you really have to hold on tight. It was also nice to see the change in advertisments in different subway stations. The area I hit up today is very near the John Hancock Tower and the Prudential Center, two major shopping malls in downtown Boston. Most other stations the advertisements were for cellphones, TV shows, or Health Care plans but the stations around here are all watches, handbags, shades, and jewelleries (all targeting women..tsk tsk tsk).

I visited the Church of Christ, Science and its museum and it was quite a sight to see.

One of the coolest thing I saw was the Mapparium: It is a complete globe made in the 1930s made of 600+ pieces of stained glass and you can walk right through the middle. Since it was a complete circle if you have two people standing at the two opposite ends they can just whisper and the other side can hear it clearly. Also if you stand under the North Pole (right in the center of the globe) you can this surround sound echo that makes you feel like someone is calling you from everywhere. Neato.
The sad part was they didn’t allow any photography inside the Mapparium due to copyright rules. What a struggle that was for me fully armed with my fisheye just for that beauty shot! The above picture is a picture of the postcard…

Next I went to the Boston Public Library and its entrance is made out of marble and with the sunlight reflecting off the surface it gave the whole interior a golden glow. It was a huge ancient building with three stories and a courtyard in the middle. The rooms inside were also laden with wall paintings, sculptures, and elaborate curtains and give off a very solemn and serious atmosphere.

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  1. Ian

    Wow, nice pics of the cathedral variety
    That mapparium sounds interesting– lets build our on in DMBC haha

    anyway.. have a good week man. Take care.

  2. jsunkistc

    the mapparium sounds amazing…i’m thinking that whispering right in the middle might sound schizophrenic…all the voices?! stop the voices!!!

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