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What happens when you put two immature 20 something guys together and put them in a zoo? You get this.

This is Randy. He is a Waterloo Mechanical Grad and we are working in the same company. At work, we stand together to fight against those Americans that use Fahrenheit, Gallons, and Inches…

Sunday’s weather was perfect. Blue sky with white puffy clouds and a slight breeze. I was supposed to meet a woman called ‘Joyce’ in the subway platform to sell some pay-as-you-go minutes that I never used. Randy took the job of shouting Joyce every 30sec in the station and I would walk by the people making eye contacts and calling out her name….she never showed. Haha.

We got to the zoo and found that they let their peacocks run around the entire park.

The tiger happened to be active when we were there. It was amazing just to watch it move silently and patrol its territory.

We left the zoo and went to the Children’s Museum.
It was very well designed and the two of us probably had more fun than most kids. The best part about the children’s museum is that all the exhibits can be hit or interact in someway and we were committed to make the loudest sounds, biggest bubbles, etc.

Mike’s Pastry was DE-LI-CIOUS!

This is a newer form of tourist attraction. Very unique design where all the passengers pedal to get the ‘bike’ moving. According to the guide each of these cost $15,000. A ride of ~15min cost $7/seat.

There are 5 glass towers near Haymarket with Marble tiles on the floor. Each of the glass towers represent a different concentration camp during WWII and on every piece of glass there are number etched on them, each number representing a person killed in that particular camp. It was a very elegant display yet very powerful and sad. Randy and I were really surprised that none of the guidebooks or internet sites have ever mentioned it.

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  1. Ian

    Nice pics as usual sam :) — the zoom on your lenses are nuts.

    My week hasnt been nearly as exciting– starting to watch the tv show “Lost” — and hacking my new cell phone.

    Anyway Have fun in boston man.. 1.5 months has already gone by!

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