Weekend In New York

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After much planning and reading about New York, Randy and I decided to go visit the Big Apple. Right at 5pm we dropped our work and caught the subway to downtown Boston. We took the Fung Wah Bus (got to love the Chinese run businesses) which is half the price of Greyhound and is scheduled almost every hour of the day.
The bus ride was brutal, not because it is a Chinese-run business, but we had chosen to site in front of 4 twenty-ish ultra Air-Head girls that would not shut up. This girl wanted to be a fashion magazine designer and she told her friends about this machine that flashes ads in front of an audience. If their pupil dilates then that means they are interested (umm I can see lots of bright white pages in her future magazine).

At approx 1am, stepping out of the subway station into Time Square felt like the sun has just set. Big screens on buildings flashing, taxi screaming by, street performers making noise, carriages trotting along, and hot dogs stands grilling more meat. The street was filled with people and it took me a while to adjust to the honking, shouting, and motor noises. New York has quite an extensive subway system. The trains run 24hrs a day and it is the only city I know that people have to fight for seats at 2am in the morning.
Grand Central Station: Central Park: The FASTEST carousal! It’s even got seatbelts. These postcards are so old some colours have faded. Good deal for pranks *hem* Museum of Natural History (really cool):

Coney Island, a bit sketchy but still very fun. Too bad the freak show was closed. Walking across Brooklyn Bridge at 2am:
Ever had fried chicken and fries at 3:30am and then straight to bed? It kept me full for the next 14hrs!

Overall, New York is quite a crazy city. It is filled with lights, taxis, and people. At first it was pretty amusing but after the novelty wears out it is difficult to find a place without them. The city is also flooded with tourists and they take pictures of everything. We were near the World Trade Center site and I saw this group of foreigners taking pictures left and right so I thought there must be something interesting, turns out it was just a truck shipping dirt away from the site.
The only time I felt unsafe was in Chinatown where the street was packed and both sides were lined with merchants selling watches, handbags, DVDs..etc.
When we got back to downtown Boston it felt strange to hear no shouting and honking on the street.

SamWeekend In New York

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  1. Horace

    Seemed like a fun trip, looks intense too 1AM & 3:30AM?

    I like that shot of the guy with the clown’s hat and “super” sign.

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