July 4th Fireworks

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Boston is known for its celebration for the 4th of July with its all day concert and grand firework displays. Even though I am not a fan of big crowds I realized that this is a good opportunity to try out some firework shooting techniques.

Together with a few of Randy’s roommate’s friends we packed a watermelon, some jello, and apple pie before heading downtown. If we had wanted really good seats we would have to setup our lawn chairs since 9am but we chose a spot beside the Charles River and pretty close to the T-stop.

Many people thought I was working for some organization so even though my tripod is taking up a whole lot of space and my camera is blocking their views they still let me move in and out of the crowd. Within minutes we realized that the nice breeze we have been enjoying is also carrying the smoke and soot right towards us and is blocking our view from the fireworks!

I moved further down the river and was able to find a open spot with an interesting foreground.

The crowd rushing toward the T-stops.

Nobody was in a rush to get home so we just walked across the bridge and I just had to take some long exposures…

SamJuly 4th Fireworks

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  1. Ian

    ohhh nice ;)
    i was gonna goto downtown disneyland to watch the display there in LA, but my plans fell through– lots of fireworks though– it sounded like a war zone outside for a good few hours.

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