Cottage at Rick’s

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This past weekend was my company’s camping trip and Rick was very kind to open up his cottage for us to enjoy. Rick is known around the company as a “Man with many toys” and his cottage is no exception. With half a dozen boats, 9 kayaks, and floating devices to entertain 30+ people for the entire weekend.

I woke up at 5am on saturday morning and the sunrise was very beautiful. It was very soothing to sit at the dock, listen to the loons, and watch the sky change colours.

This is a new sport we played. It involves dramatic diving off the docks to catch the frisbee. Some spectacular catches but mostly belly-flops. hehe

Everyone sitting around the campfire and enjoying s’mores.

Many of the ‘Aliens’ have not heard or tried an item called FLUFF (marshmallow spread). Apparently it is a big thing in the US to spread it with peanut butter in sandwiches and it is called ‘Fluffen-nutters’. Paul approves this new sugary treat!

Rick is the Cannon Ball Champ!

Good times! Thanks to those who fed so many people and Rick for opening his place for the weekend.

SamCottage at Rick’s

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  1. Ian

    wow.. nice :D
    looks like a pretty cool time at the cottage :)
    Someday, when im old and can afford one, I’m gonna buy a nice cottage by the lake for this very purpose.

    Take it ez man.

  2. Cheryll

    Great pictures! I was just telling someone about the Fluffernutters the other day. :)
    It was a great weekend and you took some amazing photos.

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