Hiking at Mt. Cardigan

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Randy, Allison, and I left for Mount Cardigan, New Hampshire at around 8AM. We stopped at a local grocery store to pick up some snacks and food for lunch. The weather conditions were perfect with blue sky, puffy clouds and a cool breeze. Along the way up, we keep thinking we have reached the first peak until we get to the platforms and sees a part higher up. This is our lunch, between the three of us there was 1lb of lunch meat and 1/2lb of cheese! Randy and I each had half of the 12 layers of meat and cheese within our 1lb baguette! The last part of the summit was very steep and the rocks were bare. This is Randy scaling the summit.

The temperature on the top (3300′) was chilly and it was very windy. Luckily we had our big sandwiches and big bag of trail-mix. The picture on the left is what we actual had to climb up and down during our hike.

SamHiking at Mt. Cardigan

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  1. Ian

    really cool. I like that pic of Randy in midair haha.

    Yeah.. i love the hiking :D .. we will definitely see each other in town then loo.. not long now.. just a couple weeks.

    Man.. those sandwiches… soo good hahaha.. glad you’re enjoyin it in boston and doing the things you love doing!

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