Company Barbeque

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So today from 4-8pm our company had a summer social event and it featured lots of food, drinks, popsicles, group games, and various activities for children and those not participating at the team events.
There were 6 teams, each with 6 members. And according to the organizers I had requested PINK! (what a way to have a bad start with my teammates). We called ourselves the Pink Panthers and used some wires and our pink bandanas to make tails.

That was the pirates team, they were quite fierce.

Group shot of all the participants…after the huge water balloon fight.

I shouldn’t have done so much trash talking ahead of time…I was seriously ducking from 10 water balloons at once and in the end there were those with a few wet spots, those half wet, and me…haha.

SamCompany Barbeque

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