Hurlcroft Block Party

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So this saturday I attended a block party on my street. Most of the families moved furniture onto the sidewalk, started the grill and enjoyed the nice weather.

These electric toys were really entertaining to watch. With their hard rubber wheels the kids can spin the wheels and drift!

We had a costume parade for the kids. Believe it or not, the Medford cheerleader is actually a boy (took Randy a long time to figure that out).

Pie eating contest, I would have done better if I didn’t eat such a big lunch.

Watermelon eating contest, I was doing really well until I smashed Randy’s face into his watermelon piece and spent the remainder of the time trying not to spray everyone from laughing.

poop – *giggles*

Randy being forced to dance. Poor kid!

Randy and I played football against 8 kids. The rules were very unfair to us: we can’t blitz them because their quarterback has a broken foot but they can blitz the two of us, 3 completions resets to first down so they were getting like 2 feet passes, and I didn’t know anyone who can say 7 mississippi’s in 2 seconds!
In the end we still beat them but they were still trashtalking…

SamHurlcroft Block Party

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