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So I have moved into loo and this term I am off campus living with 4 other classmates.
The first day we were there our landlord informed us that we are lucky to have power in the house since the prior tenants had disconnected everything. As a result we had no phone, gas (hot water), and internet.

Sunday I went to The Father’s House, met RT and caught up with her for a bit. Afterward they had a picnic + baseball game at Waterloo park so I dropped by for a little bit.

Home run!

It is going to be tough this term. There are so many lab courses and three of the five courses have a big project due somewhere in the term. One of them is a real-time OS and one is making our own sensors and stuff for a robot.

Yesterday I was working deliently in DC, hacking away at my stupid work report. Trying to get the proper format across all the pages is like catching fleas. As soon as you fix one spot another problem arises!
At midnight the library is closing so I got kicked out. I went outside but discovered that my bike has been stolen! I had forgotten my lock and had borrowed a small lock from Ludwik and I guess it wasn’t enough to protect my bike. The guy who stole my bike better start praying cause if I catch him……

I am going to plant a remote controlled bomb under the seat of the bike so I can press a button and blow the thief out of the gene-pool for good.

Ohh well, I got bigger things to worry about. Like today in our FIRST lesson of Linear Signals and Systems class, I didn’t understand anything for the last 45 minutes.

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  1. jsunkistc

    sorry to hear that…now that I ride my bike school, I’m actually a little worried when kids ask me if that’s my bike. I don’t know if the grade 6s would try anything…but they still make me nervous sometimes…even when they ask about my car too. I tell them it’s the orange one out there.

    Hope you find it soon…and the bike too ;)

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