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Midterms are over but we are not having an easier time.
New record: 79% of our class failed the sensors exam. The average is 32.5%. For one of the questions, 94/99 got below 50%. The teacher still thinks it is all our fault.
Q: Why was input response on the exam three times when we haven’t even mentioned it in class?
A: I went over inverse Laplace, the rest is just practice. (wtf?!)I think our whole class has concluded that the ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) department doesn’t care about their students at all. They enjoy seeing students struggling and bend over backwards to accomodate for their unreasonable expectations.

Coming up in the next month:
– Simulation and graphic display of a bouncing ball due the 10th
– Calc test on the 8th
– Real time operating system due the 20th
– Numerical Lab coding exam on the same day

Circuits Prelab, designing band pass filter with envelope filter…
Some days I feel really discouraged and I am mad at that prof. Ohh well, as Karen likes to say: chin up!

SamProjects, Labs, and Assignments

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  1. karen

    thas rite !! CHIN UP GOI :)
    i should say that to myself too hehe
    i have FAITH that you will pull thru all this.
    and in the end, even though marks kinda matter..but really, you know that
    its what you LEARN for yourself that matters most..
    “I can do EVERYTHING thru HIM who gives me strength”-philippians 4:13

  2. aaronisian

    oh my, circuits, numerical methods, AND real time os all in the same term? I can see there’s a possibly that each course can be fun by itself, but I can’t imagine taking all of them in the same term — it’d be hellish!

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