End of Soccer Season

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This week I attended a talk given by former Canadian Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, and she was a phenomenal public speaker and the thing taht touched me the most how passionate she is about Canada. Canadians have a reputation of being passive and lukewarm about our country compared to our southern neighbour. But in fact we have so much to be proud of and we should realize that we are a key player in the global economy, natural resources, and protecting the environment.

AJung and I made the apple pie, on the home from the grocery store I was worried that I had missed some core ingredients (I haven’t looked up the recipe yet) and AJung was like “You are worried?! This is new….” haha. Ian and Marianne had invited over for dinner. They made curry chicken and stuffed chicken breast..man was that tasty. Some really funny conversations too. Thanks for having us over.

They just had to put the games in the worst possible pitch. It was a mud-bath.

Aaron, our amazing goalie, still tries to keep his touque clean!
Ludwik and I did the parallel slid tackle at the 5ft mark and stopped the goal! Even though we were both plastered in mud it was worth it.

It was a great season, truely blessed to have such a great team.

SamEnd of Soccer Season

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  1. karen

    great pictures as usual :)
    looks like u had a gooood weekend! the apple pie looks really good right now..im so hungry haha. and the mud pit looks kinda cool..it reminds me of a lot of chocolate icing spread on top of a cupcake..mmmm. ohk im going to make something to eat now haha.
    your mui misses you!! :)

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