Two weeks of class left

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Late last week, to my surprise, I won the campus newspaper photo contest. The topic was “Beauties on Campus”, which was very tough. I had snapped this shot after a lab the day before the deadline.

So, the OS was due yesterday at midnight and dispite being 95% done it couldn’t survive the stress test during the demo and the marks were given in a very much done or not done fashion. Grrr.

Last full week of class – all the projects/labs are wrapping up.
– Monday, OS demo
– Tuesday, Linear Systems Assignment
– Wednesday, MathCAD Assignment
– Thursday, Robot Competition
– Friday, Numerical Methods Lab Exam
– Weekend, OS Final Report

SamTwo weeks of class left

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  1. Horace

    “Beauty on campus”?? lol! They thought up the most impossible topic (I would liken it to “Summer in North Pole”), but hey you did it! So what’s the grand prize?

    A truly hectic week ahead of you. Charge into it with a war cry!! Drink some coffee ;)

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