Christmas Break!

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Haven’t updated in a while and a lot has happened recently. Here are the summary of some of the events that took place.
Christmas Dinner organized by Kathy, Jennie, and Wendy! It was a lot of fun and in the end my brother and I used the children as weapons against innocent bystanders.
Visited my cousin, their children are harlirous! The little one (far right) runs around nonstop and has powerful destructive powers.
Visited Guelph on Christmas day and we walked all over town. The light show at night was very nice.
We got three FREE platium Raptor’s tickets so Charlie, Rishi and I went together. We also had access to a platium box, free food, drinks, ice-cream! The game was very intense and the crowd responded to every action made by the players with “oooo”, “ahhh”. We concluded it was a very good deal!

Only a few days left until work starts! Boston here I come. Happy New Year to everyone!

SamChristmas Break!

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  1. Ian

    Sweet… platinum tix !

    haha.. dang. i wish I coulda made the christmas party at Dmbc… ahh well..

    cya Sunday! :)

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