Sweating in January

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The weather has been unbelievable! Saturday it was around 21degC and I was outside playing frisbee in t-shirt and shorts in January! Still making the changes to get into ‘work’ mode. Some days just fly by and some days just drag on forever! Pop-tarts gives me a sugar boost, and daily intake of fruits. :)

This is my room. Pretty cozy eh? I will put up a few pictures of the house soon.

This is Sophie, she is an occasional visitor and likes to push the cats around.

Skywalk Observatory in the Prudential Centre:

Boston doesn’t have many high-rises but its roads are certainly interesting.

Hong has kindly lend me a bike and a whole bunch of gear so I can bike to work. I hope it doesn’t get too cold or snow too soon (but if it snows then I will go hit the slopes).

SamSweating in January

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  1. Horace

    Beautiful pictures. I like the portrait of Sophie, and the wide-angle shot directly below it. That’s an amazing sunset!

  2. Girl from the Moon

    What? your room’s prettier than mine!! AHhh~!!! LOL
    And how come you get to have cats and dogs around.. :'(
    And why am I not studying philosophy right now!! –++++

  3. Jolie (Ludwik's friend)

    not specifically for this picture.. but more of an inquiry.

    I’m curating a show, mostly pictures of the banal or unglamourized. subject matter creatures: dogs, insects, living non-human life.

    I would like you to participate with one of your photos.. though unglamourized may be hard to do as your photos are basically stunning.

    get back to me and let me know if you’re interested. I will be releasing details to artists soon. thanks!

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