Harvard Square

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Went to Harvard Square with Ryan and Mike. We had no idea where we were going so we just picked random paths to walk on.It was very windy and so we had to go to Au Bon Pain for some coffeeThere were several chess boards setup in the patio area and people were playing speed chess.One of the guy there was really friendly so I figure I would go and entertain him. Each game is $2 and each player gets 5 minutes, he felt so bad for me he would tell me not to make specific moves…now I understand why there wasn’t anyone challenging him before.We walked around the MIT campus area and I must admit their grand entrances and lab equipment are quite impressive (compared to..umm WEEF lab). This is the Stata Center, pretty funky eh?And lastly, this is Tiger, one of the cats in the house.

SamHarvard Square

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  1. Ian

    hahahaha.. hey man, london is amazing, hows it over there? there’s so many things to see and do… i visited barcelona last week and i’m going to rome next week.. gonna try to travel like crazy while im here. So many pics to take!

    Anyway.. how’s work? today, it snowed for the first time..its really nice lookin here.. but its cold.. but maybe not as cold as it is in canada haha.

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