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Ryan, Randy, Paul and I visited the Museum of Science this past Saturday and it was loads of fun.

A lot of the exhibits were donated by research facilities or companies and it was so cool to see the actual item with its dents and scratches.There are lightening shows where they power up the ORIGINAL three-story high Van der Graaf generator that can produce 2 million volts. The demostrator also stood inside a metal cage while it was getting zapped.Randy didn’t pay attention to what he was touching and got zapped! He’s still having trouble combing his hair as a result of that.This is a solar racing car donated by Solectria, the former company before bought out by Azure Dynamics, I wanted to jump over the rail and drive it away. The skeleton pedals the bike using the energy that I generated. When our speed matched it was cool to see how my bones are moving when I am biking.We couldn’t finish all the exhibit rooms but we stuck around until they had to kick us out.

SamMuseum of Science

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  1. Horace

    Wow! Looks so much fun, much cooler that the one in Toronto eh?

    That aircraft in the first picture, is it the human powered (bike paddle) one? Looks like a fun day, getting zapped, biking hard, getting kicked out haha!

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