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This past long weekend I went to NYC and met up with Elvin, Kathy, and Elton. I hopped on the LuckyStar bus at 3pm but didn’t get to New York until 8:40pm. I was ready to chew on the armrest… Well once I arrived in NYC Chinatown I had a hard time finding the subway station so I had to run to Union Square with all my luggage to meet Elvin by 9pm.
We went to his place, dropped off my stuff and then walked north of Time Square to get some Chicken & Rice – Elvin nearly froze to death. We went to HA! Comedy Club and the show was harlious.

Saturday I told Elvin to be prepared to walk all day (he is too nice to tell his touristy friend he doesn’t like walking or the cold), fortunately, we had blue sky and near zero temperatures.

There are lots of unique things happening all the time in New York. One of my favorite moment that weekend was when 2 people got onto the subway and start started singing acappella, many of the passengers were already numb to these street performers. But soon their joy spread throughout the monotonous subway car, some tapped their foot, some sang along softly and looked looked around and smiled at others.
We got home around 7pm and I got an email from AJung: “Have loads of fun and be safe ok? And don’t exhaust those guys with 23 hours of walking!!!”
We both burst out laughing, I guess the damage has been done already..haha

Kathy and I wanted to cook, we went grocery shopping and whipped out some chicken parm, mashed potatoes, and veggie. I am quite proud that I am learning to cook a thing or two living in Boston.
We had lunch at Little Italy. Elvin ordered so much food it could barely fit on our table! The pizzas were fantastic with lots of flavor and very little grease.

I hopped on the 2pm bus, the ticket lady would not start the bus because she was missing ONE ticket stub and had to check everyone on board. Arrived in Boston at 7:30pm, it is so peaceful, different but nice too.

SamNew York City

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  1. Mike Purvis

    I only ever see the performers on the yellow (NRWQ) line, but they’re great. It’s interesting the little differences between the Toronto and NYC subways, and that’s definitely one of them. You’d never see someone singing and shaking a hat on the Yonge line.

  2. karen

    awww im glad u had a lot of fun!! :) :) :)
    nice per usual. i think my favourite
    is the 3rd photo..the one on the right hand sdie..
    the view looking up at the skyscrapers with ur fish eye lens. :)
    it just gave me an idea for something to do in photoshop hEHE.
    take care!!

  3. Ian

    haha. .the fish eye lens pics are nice.. especially the skyscraper ones. You guys look so happy in NY :D .. glad to see you guys are having fun haha. As for me, yeah, you’re right– for ppl who don’t have a camera and they just walk around and watch you take pictures, it’s really quite boring for them– fortunately, my other two friends im travelling with are also intent on getting nice pictures (everyone owns a dslr) and so its alright :D

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