Waterville Valley

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Snowboarding at Waterville Valley with Ryan, Steve, Chris, and Thomas. (Below is Steve catching some air!)The weather was perfect hovering around zero degrees and not a cloud in the sky.
A view of the mountain ranges from the chairlift.
Our group tried out some beginner jumps (I didn’t attempt any because I want all my limps by the end of the day and it is only my 4th time snowboarding).

Our group shot at the summit, about 4,004ft above sealevel and 2020ft above the bottom of the hill. The longest run is 3 miles and it sure takes quite a bit of time to get down.
Breathtaking view along the way down.
It was a really good day. However at the end of the day I couldn’t find my wallet and realized that I had forgotten to zip it up after buying lunch. It is probably buried somewhere in the hills. Oh well stuff happens…be more careful next time. I tried to notify Bank of America about my bankcard but they kept redirecting me to different services. In the end I had to wait till the morning and go cancel it in person.

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