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Sam: “Alright guys I have just bought the tickets…where is Bermuda?”
Randy: “No idea”
Paul: “Not a clue…isn’t it Bristish?”

That was how our weekend trip to Bermuda began. We had no idea where this country is or what to do there….all we know is that it sounded warm. Planning for the trip wasn’t easy since Paul were away for many of the weeks in between and Randy always had to run off right after work.

We took off from Logan Airport on friday morning, the left is Cape Cod; the other is the reefs near Bermuda.

My dream finally came true, to escape from North America! Bermuda has a very distinct culture and unique architecture. At first we were planning to rent scooter but after seeing the very narrow road with no sidewalks we decided we didn’t want to spend the weekend in the hospital.

This is the guesthouse that we stayed at, it is very well equipped and right near the city. We had a BBQ so Paul decided to show us some ‘proper British’ sausages.

I found this little bird that fell from its nest on a rock wall and chased it to the side of the road.

The Royal Naval Dockyard

I couldn’t stop laughing after reading about this weather stone!
It was raining sideways in the afternoon but that did not deter us, only after we got back to our room did we realize that we were experiencing gale force winds…

We found out that it was Fight Night, a once a year fund raiser for the rugby club. All the fighters were amatures so it was fun to see them swinging wildly while an entire section of their friends are cheering them on.

I was able to get to the ring-side and shoot a few.

And the upper level reserved for the offical videographer.

Bermuda has many forts yet it has never fired a round for military purpose. They are beautiful though.

By their famous beach, this is during the off-season so almost all the tourist attractions are desserted.

The weather was perfect, hovering around 19C – blue sky, sunshine, a little breeze.

View from the highest point of the island, Gibb’s lighthouse.

It was an amazing trip, we squeezed in pretty much everything we wanted to do. The people on the island are the friendliest people I have ever met, people go down the street nodding to each other and saying hi. However, I don’t think I will be going back anytime soon – try another country! :)


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  1. Ian

    GORGEOUS. ABSOLULTEY GORGEOUS! Makes me want to go there sooooo bad– but its not raelly out of north america :
    North America, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of South Carolina (US)


    But yeah.. so nice there man. really love the sky pics / water pics.. so turquoisey. Did you use any filters at all?

  2. jsunkistc

    your pictures are phenomenal! and I’m very jealous of that 19 degree weather…I don’t know about the gale force winds though haha…and you’re one lucky duck to get to go to that bruins game! …though too bad the bruins SUCK! actually, leafs aren’t that much better right now (cry)…ttu soon! be safe and have fun!

  3. karen

    AHHHHH jEALOUS!! :) lol
    looked like u had some good times tho! how long were u there for? did u buy any souvenirs? whEN ARE U COMING HOMEEEEEE

  4. Erin

    sam! beautiful pictures, throughout your blog. randy was our first year mechatronics TA! (my first year, that is.)just ask him … he was a brutal marker … always the pickiest on those freehand drawings, yikes. anyway he’s a fun guy and it’s great that you have people to hang out with! and congrats on this trip, seriously. it seemed very spontaneous and fun and beautiful. i applaud your success at escaping the continent :)

    see you in a few weeks!

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