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First week back at school and the work hasn’t kicked in yet. It was pretty hard in the first few days just adjusting to the changes but thanks to everyone’s support and understanding I think things are okay now.
On Friday, I went shooting with my brother and we spent a long time sitting on the rocks chatting. :)

We went to Future Bakery and had some yummy cake too!
On Saturday my high school friends surprised me and dropped by with a cake. Then my brother took my camera downstairs and came back with a battery grip attached!! I couldn’t believe it! The rest of the night I was just kept repeating “I got a grip…I got a grip”. Funny that on Friday I told him like a dozen times that I am planning to get it soon…hehe

Now I just need to figure out how to carry this enormous camera since my black box can’t accomodate it anymore.

SamBack in Waterloo

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  1. Rick

    so now I need to buy your old BOX wish I could just get your eye for the Pic’s you take Hope all’s well and you do good on those finals Rick

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