Rocket in the Sky!

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Ryan: “Just eyeball it, it’s not like this is rocket science….”
For the first two weeks of school, we spent the time after class buying, sanding, shaping, breaking, and assembling the rocket.

Parchute testing #1, parachute is too small.

Almost done, we even have Columbia as our payload! As the project neared completion we realized that maybe we should have some test flights of some sort….

Launch day: good condition with a steady breeze.
We were actually getting concerned that the parachute wouldn’t deploy and the rocket would come straight down and spear us.

The builders with their rocket :)
We were really surprised there was such a big turnout at the launch, about 25 people showed up to cheer us on (see the thing explode). Utsav was ready to bat it down if it turned toward him. haha

After a few fail launches, we switched the igition source and the rocket blasted off at T-0. “Comeon, parachute….comeon..” and then it finally deployed and the rocket landed without taking any damage.

Here is a video of the launch. Enjoy!

SamRocket in the Sky!

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  1. Captain Olimar

    Looks really professionally done!

    Such geeks…what happened to Columbia? It wasn’t launched? or did it stay in orbit??

    Reminds me of that movie…science fair, NASA rocket engineer…forgot the name

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