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It is amazing that very few people even know that Toronto has a soccer team but yet they have the loudest and most enthusistic fans EVER.
Pouyan gave me the ticket as a birthday present but at the last minute he found out he has a soccer game at the same time so my brother came in as a substitute.

Even before the game started the fans were already chanting, beating the drumbs, stomping on the bleachers, and waving flags even though it was a very hot/humid day.

The cheering only got louder as the game progressed and when the entire stadium stomped in unison it was quite impressive (though in the back of my mind it occurred once or twice whether it is safe to be doing that).

I walked around the stadium to the rowdiest group and it was funny to see the security people trying to pinpoint the guys throwing streamers on to the field but it is near impossible since everybody is wearing red and they are all standing and shifting.

Back in Loo, 5 midterms next week. Plenty of time :)

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