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Crunch time: 2 down, 3 more to go.
Yesterday after the exam Steve, AJung, and I went to Waterloo Park to feed the ducks.

We saw a seagull got its butt kicked by a mother duck because it got too close to the little ducklings.

Then we saw a snapping turtle in the water! It has algae all over its back and ll the other birds stayed a safe distance away. Steve was contemplating reaching down and grabbing it out of the water…

A bit of old news but our class Frisbee team are the Champions for the Campus Rec Advance Division!! It was an awesome season and some of the highlights were our ‘bus’, flying-V formations, and mercying Grebel.

SamExam Time

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  1. Ian

    hey man.. haha. awesome.. i dunno if i told ya, but one time when i was camping, we caught a small fish and kicked it into the water… and it died… and then a turtle ate it up.. the turtle was huge.. like gotta be 50-100 pounds.. and we used our fishing rods to poke at it haha… and it swam away

    anyway.. ive started a new website.. gonna put all my blogs, and photos on there..


    yes.. i know i should be studying right now haha. but im easily distracted as well.

    lemme know if u want an email “sam@invincibo.com” haha.

  2. Ian

    haha thanks, I’m gonna fail too.. spending too much time on my site.

    Let me know if you also wanna setup a photography site. I can help ya out

    I found a lot of ways to display pictures.. and they’re free and simple.

  3. jsunkistc

    man…you two guys are gonna make my kids fail because i’ll spend too much time reading your sites that I’ll just do a bad job teaching and then they’ll forget everything i’ve taught them the day before…
    oh well! keep posting!

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