Blue Mountain Weekend

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Spending two days with Ian, Kathy, and Shirley at the Blue Mountain Resort was definitely a good way to unwind after the school term. Good news is that I passed 3A, I was actually quite worried for System Models.

Why do the girls still drive so slowly when they are Go-Karting? I almost sent Ian into the stack of rubber tires in the last lap.

Our cozy suite for the night. Their ironing board defense system kept us barging into the room and waking them up with water guns, but we got them good in the end. hehe

Dinner consisted of steak, nachos, stir-fry, shrimp and bacon….and cake. Breakfast was english muffins and nachos.

What is a trip without costumes? I was the pervert, Shirley was the angel, Ian was the gorilla, and Kathy was the princess…with very attractive eyebrows.

Shirley: “Mature? Who plays MESH when they are 22 huh?!”
“Hey cool horses…..wait, those are cows”

SamBlue Mountain Weekend

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