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Elvin and I left the house at 5AM to go fishing. In the beginning I kept getting my line hooked on rocks. I gave up on catching bass and targeted at easier subjects, in the end I caught 3 sunfish and 6 gobis!

We got back to Toronto for all-you-can-eat sushi. With 7 guys at the table they know it is bad news. They brought us a big plate of beans and kept bringing stuff we didn’t order. When the food arrived there is a blur of chopsticks moving about and then the empty plates is moved to the end of the table.
Pouyan: “Robert, remember when we had the eating competition? I won…but I couldn’t walk after. This time is not so bad, we probably each only had about 2kg of food…..”

We told Robert our sushi is made from the fish we caught and he actually believed us for a while. hehe

Going to Boston next week, it’ll be fun to visit Azure and catch up with my old roommates.

Samfish fish fish

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  1. Ian

    hhaha. you mean those big street pretzels with the rock salt on em? i had a few.

    Are you still in boston? or back to start work?

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