Toronto Circus Festival

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Getting used to the work schedule once again, it is nice to be living at home.
Last weekend was the Toronto International Circus Festival near Ashbridge’s Bay. The organization is called Circus Without Borders and they try to raise funds and perform for less fortunate children. All the performers during the weekend were volunteers and they put out a splendid show.

It takes dedication and perseverance for the performers to perform such unbelievable tricks/maneuvers. Apparently one of the performers trains between 60 to 80hrs each week!

I think there is certain resemblance to the movie “Big Fish” and the children really loved the shows and the interaction with the performers.

SamToronto Circus Festival

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  1. Rick

    well you maybe caughing and looseing your sence of smell and taste BUT your photographis eye is as good as ever ! ! take care budddy Rick

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