Uncle Sammy!

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I am an UNCLE?! I certainly don’t feel like one, nor do I act like one.
This weekend we met up with our cousins and hung out with their kids. It was so much fun!

At first they were a bit shy and played with their own toys and amongst themselves.

But once it got started…..there was no stopping.

“Do it ‘gain!” – Horace and I became manual labor for lifting them.

We were so loud other patrons in a Chinese Restaurant complained about us!

This is Mackenzie using her camera to a picture of Horace!

SamUncle Sammy!

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  1. AJung

    Third row, third column. Isn’t that you when you were a baby Sam? Just about to cry.. Awwwww >.

  2. Heather MacDonald

    Samuel, it took me a few days to get to your blog but…. it is very professional. Photos are wonderful. When I meet you for dinner, I am going to ask you about blogs, web pages etc and maybe where I can take a course. Mary is going to get a little V tech keyboard at Toys R Us, (don’t laugh), and learn to keyboard properly. Then we will get her a laptop. Heather

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