Hiking at Frontenac Provincial Park

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After all the food had been bought the weather report predicted thunderstorm for Saturday and Monday. Well we deicded to try and if the weather gets too bad we would turn around. On the way to the park we visited the slowest McDonald’s in this planet, it took us about 45min to get our food….nothing fancy, just hot cakes.

About half an hour into the hike it started to pour, there were about a dozen slips and falls hiking on the mossy rocks.

The rain stopped after about an hour and the sky wasn’t as dark. Here we were resting on a bridge (note how Kenny is eating in every picture).

At the campsite everyone stayed busy with cooking, setting up tents/tarp, finding suitable bear bag location, filtering water, finding firewood and starting the fire. Dinner was couscous with vegetable sauce, dessert was smorse and gorb.

By 8pm it was pitch black and we were just sitting around the fire. It felt like 2am after a long day of hiking and the surrounding was so quiet.

“Mmmm…taste like VICTOR-y”, In the morning we had to pack everything back into our packs and off to another 14km.

Lunch time consist of tortilla, cheese, cold cut, gorb, crackers.
Kenny made this heart attack peanut butter + nutella + gorb tortilla combo for me. :)

Kenny’s ripped pants, he was changing at the highest point in the park!
He was still wearing it when we got back to Toronto for dinner…

It was a fun trip, definitely tougher than the canoe trip. We didn’t come away with too many injuries and it only rained for that 1hr in the beginning which was very fortunate. I felt sick on the way home, maybe eating that 3 day old oily samosa wasn’t such a great idea.

SamHiking at Frontenac Provincial Park

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  1. Horace

    The lack of a real group photo reinforces our tradition of not having one (usually forgotten). Maybe we should photoshop you into the first picture.

  2. Ian

    hahh.. sick man.. i miss the great outdoors.. its rare to see grass these days.. the only place is central park in pretty much all of manhattan.

    really taking advantage of being in TO eh?

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