Downtown Toronto

Sam General, Toronto 2 Comments

Working in downtown Toronto is definitely interesting. Everything is within walking distance and I like just strolling around after work.

I like Chinatown because it is so chaotic. People ignoring traffic lights, shops extending out of onto the sidewalks, people screaming out “Cheap Vegetables”, and plenty of ymmy snacks from the bakeries.

PDEng is as horrible as it ever. The workload isn’t heavy so far but for our latest assignment, a reporter style opinion piece, a ‘pass’ requires 100% and we have to resubmit it whether it passed or not. Something doesn’t make sense but I have concluded that PDEng is about making student suffer rather than learn after the previous 4 servings.

SamDowntown Toronto

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  1. Ian

    hahaa. i love toronto :D .. its similar to new york, but a bit less “happening”

    — im seriously considering moving out to live downtown some day… i just love the city life

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