Jacob’s Ladder Giving Gala

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On Sunday, I volunteered with others from Spin Master at Jacob’s Ladder Giving Gala, an event to raise funds for Neurodegenerative Diseases and also provides children lots of acitivities and learn to give to others. The event took place in Liberty Grand, which is a beautiful building.

We started setting up and unpacking from 7:30AM. This is the Spin Master Giving Gallery where toys are sold to raise funds as well as provide toy donation stations.

I was part of the Air Hogs demostrators and I had a chance to play with indoor R/C planes, helicopters, etc. Later on it was more like trying to keep everything charged and make sure the children are sharing the play time.

Other volunteers also supervised stations for different age groups.

It was a pretty rewarding to see generosity shown by the children when they suggest donating some of their new toys to less fortunate children.

Parents and Horace are all at Hong Kong visiting so I am home alone for the next 2 weeks. I wish I could join them too.

SamJacob’s Ladder Giving Gala

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