Horace’s Surprise Birthday

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It has been a pretty hectic week but the weekend is coming so I can catch up on some sleep and assignments.

Rishi and Charlie had taken Horace out for dinner last Friday while we gathered in the house. We setup the surprise by hiding in the pitch black storage room while Horace came in to get a coke for Rishi. We shouted surprise the moment the lights went on and then Kenny came from behind and pie Horace in the face!

The rest of the evening we played Smash Brothers, chat, and fly the Air Hog Helicopters.

SamHorace’s Surprise Birthday

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  1. Ian

    hahah.. a typical engineering party. All guys. I had one a few weekends ago.. and i invited a bunch of coops in New York. All engineers.. and just about all male :P

    Happy birthday HORACEEEEE

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