2007 New Years Eve

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2008 has been a rough start for me. After the countdown I got owned in Ping Pong, Smash Brothers, and then spent the rest of the night on a couch with my jacket as a blanket. Let’s hope it gets better after that. :)
In fact, I am really excited for the upcoming year, I am moving along in my undergraduate degree and the courses are getting tougher but more interesting. And in a couple of months I will get see and play with mini-Justin!

On New Years Eve we met up at Pouyan’s place and made dinner together. We had ribs, chicken, salmon, steaks, sweet and sour bok choi?, fries, mash potato, rice, veggies, cake…we had to roll around the house after dinner

Justin’s BBQ platter was a huge success and made us drool; Greg was very proud of his very tasty fries; and Pouyan was busy opening the bottle of Champagne…

Lunch the next day before Greg has to catch his flight back to Halifax.

Sam2007 New Years Eve

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