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So with no landline at the house this term I have finally caved in and got myself a cellphone. I do think it is about time that people can get a hold of me when I am not at home.
Elvin went with me to 7-Eleven and I bought the phone for the basic pay-as-you-go plan. I like its simplicity and no need to commit to a contract. We bought a few of the 1/4lb hot dogs and loaded it up with fake cheese and chili, the people working there thought we hadn’t eaten for 2 days or something…
It is amazing how many devices we carry with us when we walk out the door. I wonder how people in the old days (hehe) studied or shared information without email, internet, cellphone, etc. Maybe they actually focus on the material instead of playing with ringtones….

Last week I attended CUTC at the Downtown Hilton Hotel. I was a little disappointed that many of the companies giving out presentations didn’t even bother talk about upcoming technologies but blatantly sell their company for a solid hour. There were a few good seminars and the Tech-team challenge was pretty interesting.

*Note: I don’t have my SLR in Waterloo at the moment, I have to make sure my room is safe before I will bring it up. Right now I am having fun with the little F30. :)

SamA New Plan

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