Strobist Attempt

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This weekend Vivian and Scarlette came to Waterloo to take some pictures for Viv’s project. The theme is to create a poster for a line of skin care products. We had to be really creative with the props and had to ‘borrow’ my roommate’s hairdryer…

These shots were taken at the local mall. We had to work around the curious crowd and security guards.
Now this one looks more like a shampoo advertisement.
A more high key approach.
This is the setup in my room for the previous shot. We couldn’t stop laughing because it was so ghetto!

This is one of my first attempts with artificial lighting and it was very challenging but also opened up a lot of new possibilities.
If you have any comments or suggestions I would love to hear about them!

SamStrobist Attempt

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  1. Mike Purvis

    Well, it does look fantastic. I remember years ago being amazed how easy it was to create a fantastic-looking diorama with a mostly empty box ; the eye is easily deceived by a white wall, a green vine, and a cute chick. And I see you’ve employed tables to put images beside text… sorry I never got around to helping you with a better solution for that. :(

    Also, can I, uh, have her number?

  2. aly in halifax

    i really like how you backed up and showed vivi and the hairdryer :) thats friggin awesome

  3. jsunkistc

    sorry, no suggestions…just the comment that the shots look good like you said for a shampoo commercial. One thing I remember from skin care ads is Dove’s beauty campaign. Does that provide any inspiration?

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