Fire, Baby, and a Walk in the Park

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Some more photos from reading week. Was walking around with Horace, you can still see the warm Californian sun on his face!

There was a massive fire along Queen St and several buildings were completely devastated.

We went to visit Justin’s newborn baby, it is magical to see life being created. Must be a very exciting time for Justin and Onika.

If you are interested in more baby pictures, you can find them HERE.

Our 3B Design Project, a mechatronics nut sorter, is due in 2 weeks! Our class has taken over the machine shop. I will post more updates on that after the competition.

SamFire, Baby, and a Walk in the Park

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  1. jsunkistc

    I like the picture of Onika holding her baby up high in the air…
    That’s an awesome picture of you and Horace on the spinny playground thing. How’d you take that shot? I’d give the photo the caption “Brothers-standing firm” or something artsy and thought provoking like that.

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