3 Lectures Left

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Not much happened in the last week. All the projects/labs have been handed in, lost all the playoff games and we are just taking a few days to re-coup before hitting the books for finals.

It is almost exam time and of course the weather is really nice. Here I am shoveling ice off the 2nd story balcony just so I can stay outside.

Sam3 Lectures Left

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  1. AJung

    The last picture somehow makes the balcony look like it’s on the first floor. Haha…
    PuYoPuYo! Study hard~ I miss you~ :)

  2. Horace

    Nice picture of the window decoration.

    2nd floor balcony so wouldn’t work for me, I’d fall asleep and roll down the balcony and break my neck…all within 2 minutes of opening the textbook haha.

    Study hard! Studying >> frisbee in the sun!

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