WRTT Charity Gig

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Waterloo Engineering Stage Band, With Respect to Time, performed earlier this week for their end of term Charity Gig.

Here are some of the pictures from the performance.

Brandon, the guy with the top hat playing bass, is from Mechatronics. W00T.

The view from the balcony. A pretty good turn-out I’d say.

They have even managed to incorporated some vocals to the songs.

Toward the end the trumpet players were going all out….jumping around and moving to the front of the stage.

Group photo:

SamWRTT Charity Gig

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  1. Ally

    Hey Sam! I can speak for the whole band that we really appreciated your photography this whole term to capture the memories! (Especially me since I’m graduating!).

    If you had fun and would look to photograph for other terms, just contact whoever is running it. I tried to find more than one to “split up” work, but you were the only one who replied (via Brandon) so hopefully it wasn’t too overwhelming. :)

    Thanks sooo much! And I like the post. :)

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