3B Done!

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After exam gathering at the Huether Hotel and the Spur. I didn’t want to wait for the bus so I ‘borrowed’ a bike from next door. This bike is not locked and haven’t been touched as far as I know so I deemed it as a ‘community bike’. Despite the fact that it squeaks at 8 different places it was very much functional. Since I didn’t have a lock I had to hide the bike in a random alley near the bar.

Group performance at the Spur. Pat is seduced by Ben’s soulful rendition of Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

ABS (ABLOS missing L & O) breakfast at 7am before Anthony’s train. I love Anthony’s expression in the second picture.

Sam3B Done!

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  1. Ian

    Congrats to ya too on finishing your 3rd year :D just one more to go!

    We’ll definitely go shooting together in HK, i’ll be there for a good long while , from apr 25th to june 11th, once i get a phone number / internet and stuff, i’ll email you my contact info.

    I’m so excited :D

  2. Post

    When I got to the bike, this fat spider has already spun a web on it but seems like nobody goes into that dark alley mcuh =D

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