A Look into the New China

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Last Thursday and Friday I was in China visiting a factory. I was floored by the operations in the factory operation as well as the rapid development in China.

There are also many funny incidents along the way. For example, seeing a large crowd doing the world famous ‘squat’ and seeing strange motorcycle contraptions and payload (I am convinced this lady works in the oven mitt factory).

Sadly, people in China seem to associate using lots of plastic/packaging to being clean or high class. *sigh*

In an attempt to assimilate into the culture, I have ditched my big backpack during weekdays. So far 2 people have asked me for directions (in which I pulled out the guidebook). Seems like the next step is to lose the hat and dye the hair, but that’s not happening!

SamA Look into the New China

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  1. aly

    i’m loving the pictures and the witty comments Sam! :) I hope you are having a great time there
    PS don’t dye the hair… and dont wear ridiculously tight clothing.

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