Tap Mun (塔門)

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So when I asked Ian whether he is interested to go hiking I had no idea where to go. I just had this vague idea that my favorite island as a kid had cows on it. After some digging around I found out it is called tap mun, but how to get there is unclear.

After asking people around and a really long bus ride we finally found the ferry that would take us to Tap Mun. There were very few safety devices on the boat (the captain was steering with his foot) so Ian decided to sit at the very front of the boat, we got in so much trouble for it!

This is another island that the boat stopped on the way, seems like a cool festival going on.

The locals were drying all sorts of seafood along the streets.

There were egrets on the island. I think they look so cool!

Ian checking out abandoned house and then taking picture of cow dung (I think he’s got an unhealthy obsession with them). hehe.

We headed for the higher parts of the island and a couple happens to be coming down and the man told us the road ahead is very dangerous. We just looked at each other at said “Let’s do it!”. Ended it up it was mostly trekking through some overgrown bushes…pansy.

Some home made rafts…these are so sketchy I thought it was a floating pile of garbage at first.

SamTap Mun (塔門)

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  1. Horace

    Looks like you guys had a blast! HK country side is really great. Surprised most people don’t know about it.

    Oh man haven’t been back to that lovely island since I was a kid (remember we used to fly kites there?). Next time I’m going there for sure!! The rocks are good for bouldering too!

  2. Ian

    haha. your friend thinks the egrets look like seagulls too! lol.. told you they weren’t that interesting! nonetheless, its still a great pic :D

    yay for cow dung!

    hope ur having fun in hk :) I’m back from Taiwan, Macau on sunday still good? :)

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