The New & Old Macau

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This Sunday Ian and I went on another excursion, this time to Macau. My dad grew up in Macau so when I last visited about 14 years ago my dad brought us to many local places and told us stories along the way.

Macau’s tourism has boomed in recent years due to the increase traveling from Mainland China along with its attraction as the Las Vegas of Asia. Many of the store along the main stretch are brazened with the same brands that can be found in Hong Kong upscale malls.

However, I was in search of the old Macau, to see the history and the people that live in this city.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular order in the way the streets were laid out or the way the buildings were constructed. The people parked their motorcycles on the side of the street or, sometimes, in little cul-de-sacs shared by the adjacent buildings.

Ian and I ate continuously. We tried out 2 Pork chop buns, almond cookies, beef jerky, pepper pastry pockets, Portuguese tarts, small bananas, and finally Vitasoy the old fashioned way!! Yumm.

We wandered aimlessly in the city and saw the way the locals live, far from the extravagant casino lifestyle a few blocks away. We were tired but in the end I was glad we got to see the older part of Macau before it disappears from redevelopment plans.

SamThe New & Old Macau

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  1. Ian

    haha. it was a great excursion– the food was the best part :)

    and Ajung… if ur waiting for sam to be fobby– ur gonna wait a long time hahaha

  2. Horace

    I think the old part of Macau really struck a cord with you, can see the difference in the pictures. I really like the one with all the caged balconies, and the one of the rickshaws, and the one of the vitasoy…

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