Quick Tour of Shanghai

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Fun fact: Shanghai has a population of over 20million while the population of Canada is 33million.

With the black rainstorm and long weekend the airport was overloaded and after sitting on the runway for a long time we were finally off to a bumpy ride. A 2.5hr flight turned into a 9hr trip from door to door.

Upon arriving at grandpa’s place I was greeted all the aunts and they had prepared a lot of home cooked food. After the meal the cousins took me downtown. This street is usually packed shoulder-to-shoulder but it was raining so heavily that we were the only silly people walking around. hehe.

I had 3 cousins to guide me around the city and eat good stuff. I had asked them to take me to see the old stuff, the older the better.

Mom had told me not to buy food from the street side vendors but I had to disobey her. By the end of the 3rd day I had tried 53 types of local goodies!

Some of the interesting things in Shanghai like the way people walk around with their rolled up shirts (a mating protocol perhaps?!) and a shop that has a tree in the middle.

My cousin’s baby, she is so cute!

She is a solid build and kept asking to be picked up…

Love the customized motorcycle setup and family weekend excursions.

A local market. These areas are being slowly replaced by high rise buildings and indoor markets.

This is my ride in Shanghai, its got the U-shaped handlebars, 1 single gear and a massive basket. The next step is to have the cabin on the back!

In busy traffic the best method is to move in a predictable straight line despite the other moving objects on the radar. If you slow down the other drivers will have a hard time predicting your exact course and that can be very dangerous!

Before going to Shanghai I didn’t have any expectations except to see relatives. It turned out to be a great time to catch up with the cousins, eat from the street side vendors and also see different parts of this giant city. Too bad I had to leave so soon.

SamQuick Tour of Shanghai

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  1. Horace

    Yeah man, the older the better. Those scenes are disappearing so fast! I really like the airplane on tarmac shot, and the two with you guys and the food (so yummy).

    Did you do track stand on busy intersection with the single gear?!!

  2. Ryan

    I agree with bo, when do you actually work???

    Those are some sweet shots, I want to see the rest when you get back.

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