Happy Birthday To You!

Sam General, Thoughts 4 Comments

Hope you have a wonderful day! We will go for cake when I get back :)

Btw, Chewie says happy birthday too.

SamHappy Birthday To You!

Comments 4

  1. A.

    Bah~ Now I really can’t be mad at you!! LOL
    Thank you so much Sammy, and I hope you had loads of fun in Singapore. Miss you!

  2. A.

    Oh man, you have the coolest brother Sammy! Horace quotes on Aristotle!!! Except for the cake part, but I’m sure he would’ve said that if he saw the cake I had at the Jazz restaurant! >.

  3. Sammy

    Haha, his brian is full of fitting quotes. In fact he was considering taking a minor for classical studies.
    Yea that cake was so good, we gotta go again. :D

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