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As a very small country measuring 42 by 23 km in size, high ranking Singapore government officials are better paid than president of the USA. Its government has very high decision making power but does not abuse the power, the corruption rate is one of the world’s lowest.

Their subway, known as the MRT, is extremely well planned out and thus owning a car is not necessary. The public washrooms are extremely clean, though there is a fee of 10cents and I wonder if they lose money hiring someone to collect the fees.

I had the chance to meet Frank and Luke, fellow Pentaxians I met online. They were very kind and showed me the local Singaporean lifestyle and sights which added so much more to the overall trip. Frank decided to shoot film for the day, it was interesting to hear him worry about running out of film. :D

This is Sentosa, a resort island connected to Singapore, containing many of the key tourist attractions. Shuttle buses provide the connections between the different attractions on the island.

Underwater World, visitors can walk through an underwater tunnel.

Apparently built-in cellphone cameras are not replacing the digital point & shoot cameras, though I doubt it is any use inside an aquarium.

Next up was the Dolphin Lagoon show. The late comers sat in the sandy area in front of the chairs but some of them would not sit down and was quite annoying and unfair to the others.

I wonder how much power they can output in order to leap out of the water.

Outdoor Jazz performance, food, sunset. Not bad.

The Jurong Bird Park. The tropical climate allow them to house a wide variety of species.

But by far the best thing in Singapore are the people. The crime-rate is very low so the people are warmer toward each other and it is a joy just to walk around the street and see the different cultures and colorful shops.

Probably due to the diverse mix of people in Singapore the people are very accepting toward other ethic groups and English can be understood everywhere.

Their smiles are so beautiful and so genuine. They don’t seem very rushed and would usually strike up short conversations.

Overall it was a fanastic trip and I met a lot of cool people along the way!


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  1. Horace

    Lovely pictures. You had some great examples of portraits and scenery shots in there.

    Most important of all, you had a good time!

  2. Post

    Actually I didn’t see many police around. I have seen their Subaru Impreza police cars though…that was sweet.
    They have a military and they carry some pretty intimidating guns….

  3. Ian

    Really nice portraits as horace said. The colors of your landscapes looks amazing!

    It’s really cool you had the opportunity to go there, was it for work related purposes? or just pleasure :P

  4. Post

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