Lamma Island, 南丫島

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Lamma Island is one of the biggest island in Hong Kong. It is very popular vacation spot offering many beach houses and famous seafood restaurants.
I woke up at 7am, got on the ferry from Central and was on the island just a little after 9. I hadn’t done any research so I had no idea what to expect but was delighted to find fishermen working on their floating fish farms.

They work in such a steady and calm manner, as though there is all the time in the world.

For some reason, there were a lot of giant spiders on this island. The largest one was bigger than my hand and the web spans about a meter. My nerves were already strung out walking beside all these spiders but I absolutely lost it when a leaf fell on my neck and I thought one of the spider bit me! I must have looked ridiculous screaming and slapping myself all over….

On the way to the top of the island. Beautiful view but I was completely red at the end of the day from sunburn.

Some historic buildings that have been abandoned. These will probably disappear in a few years from the new development plans for more vacation homes.

Seafood restaurants beside the pier. You can bring in your own vegetables, pick the sea creature from a tank, and specify how to prepare it.

SamLamma Island, 南丫島

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  1. A.

    Sunburn? Sunburn~!? AHHHH~!!! It can’t be worse than mine right? ^^;
    Beautiful colours by the way! :D

  2. Horace

    Man…such great views from a hilltop (I miss hiking). Funny story there with the imaginary spider.

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