Temple Street, 廟街

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Temple Street is perhaps best known for its night market. The market contains anything from antiques, paintings, toys, ‘novelty’ toys, clothes, walking sticks, flashlights, cellphone accessories, karaoke discs, fake watches, handbags….

There are very no price tags in Temple Street because the prices are tailored to different customer. The bargaining phenomenon between locals is quite a sight.
“How much is this?”
“This is a 200yrs old masterpiece. For you, $340”
“Wah, you crazy?” starts walking away
“Very good price already…$240”
“You think I don’t need to make money?!…ok ok I will sell it at cost $210”
“Here is $200.”
“Ok ok”

It is interesting to note that all these stores are setup and disassembled daily and yet they are still so neat and organized.

I had the privilege of seeing some behind-the-scenes store operations from the street.

Another attraction of Temple Street are the outdoor restaurants where the patrons have to share tables in the middle of the street. Apparently the seafood is very good because they can have large open-fires in the kitchen for the woks.

This is the temple courtyard that the street derived its name from. Here some elderly gentlemen are practicing most advanced level of meditation.

There are also a stretch of road filled with fortune telling tents. A lady told me I have dragon blood coursing through my veins and that I should go inside her tent to learn more about it! HA!

SamTemple Street, 廟街

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  1. Horace

    Haha yes, I’ve been told something like that by those fortune-tellers too. Always wanted to try those seafood but never got around to it.

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